White Linen Care

Here are some helpful hints for keeping white sheets looking good.

  • For cotton sheets, wash separately with regular detergent in warm or hot water. Use slightly less detergent than you normally would  this keeps sheets whiter, longer.
  • Cotton sheets can be put in the dryer or outside. The sun is a natural brightening and sanitizing agent  hang your sheets on the line to soak up the suns rays.
  • On linen or delicate white sheets use oxygen based bleach instead of chlorine bleach. Alternatively, you can use a natural whitening agent such as vinegar or lemon juice mixed with water.
  • Pressing or ironing sheets when they are slightly damp gets the best results. To avoid damaging any detailing such as raised stitching or embroidery; iron the back of the sheet on top of a soft, clean towel. Try using a spray bottle of water and a tablespoon of vinegar to iron out wrinkles.
  • Always store linens in an airy, dry closet with the shelves lined with paper. Also, avoid leaving your folded, fine linen stored for too long. The fabric can deteriorate along the creases.

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