Freezer Defrosting

The best method to defrost a freezer involves removing all the food to a second freezer or more commonly into empty camping cooler(s) along with ice packs or milk jugs filled with frozen water.  In a pinch, insulated shopping bags might suffice with adequate milk jug ‘freezer blocks’.  A good tip might be to do a defrost before a vacation when the freezer isn’t as filled with food.

  • Turn off the freezer, or better yet unplug it.
  • Place several old terry towels in the bottom of a chest freezer, or for stand up freezers place towels at the bottom of the freezer and one outside the door on the floor to catch any water.
  • For a freezers above a fridge be aware that turning off the freezer will ALSO turn off the fridge!  The melted ice will likely leak down inside of the fridge compartment.
  • Allow the unit to sit overnight to fully defrost.
  • A hair dryer will help defrost built up ice in 10 to 15 minutes. Use caution whenever using an electrical appliance near water.
  • Dry the freezer thoroughly (to prevent immediate frost), then wash and dry the terry towels for the next defrost!

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