Blue Dye on Linoleum Floors

This question was submitted from Malanuk.

“I have blue dye on my new linoleum floor from a paper bag. What can I use to get it out?”

This is a tough one, we have had success and failure with this problem. Linoleum is, unfortunately, not very resilient (translation…stains easy).

Try these techniques :

I would use a general purpose solvent or even rubbing alcohol, which is usually recommended to remove ink.

If it doesn’t wipe off, you may have to use a medium aggressive scrubbing pad (green).

Either way, using a strong chemical and scrubbing you will have to apply a wax to the floor to protect at least the area you cleaned. Remember always test a small area first before using a chemical or technique you have not used before on the surface you are cleaning.

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  1. how can I remove a large mustard stain from a linolium floor,tried krud kutter no luck also is possible to remove mustard from a white shirt AFTER it has been washed?

  2. Hi, my 2yr old has put blu loo toilet cleaner on my whie walls and my cream carpet i have no idea what i can do or use to clean it, could u recomend anything please. Thanks

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