Tomato Based Stains from Clothes

Tools & Chemicals:

  • Laundry pre-treatment
  • liquid detergent
  • all fabric bleach
  • bleach
  • dry cleaning fluid.

1. Soak the stain with a laundry pre-treatment.  Let sit for several minutes.  For stubborn stains, rub with a heavy-duty liquid detergent. Launder immediately.

2. If stain remains, soak the clothes in a solution of all-fabric powered bleach.  Be aware that all the colors may lighten.

3. If the stain remains, and the clothes is white or colorfast, soak in a solution of liquid chlorine bleach and water.  Read the label regarding the use of bleach. Bleach can damage some dyes and prints, and bleaching damage is irreversible.  If the stain is not removed in 15 minutes, it cannot be removed by bleaching and further bleaching will only weaken the fabric.

4. If the stain remains, apply dry-cleaning fluid to back of stain over absorbent white paper towels.  Check product label for instructions and follow carefully. Let dry;  rinse.  Launder as usual.

If all else fails soak your clothes in a vat of tomato sauce and at least you will have a consistant color!

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