How to Clean And Organize Bedroom

A lot of people ignore their bedrooms, because they figure “I’m never in there anyway”. But actually you spend probably 1/3rd of your entire life in that room! Sure, you are asleep most of that time 🙂 But if the room is full of dust and mold, you are inhaling all of that for 1/3rd of your life. That can really affect your health.

  • Remove things that you don’t need like old clothes, accessories, and other stuffs that can only be an eye sore. If you cannot decide what to remove, check those clothes that you have not used for the past 3 months. Most likely, you will use those for months or years to come.
  • Have an organizer for your jewelries, hair accessories, underwear, socks, and other small things that you use everyday. You can have either a small drawer or a hanging organizer that you can hang behind the door of your cabinet. You can also have a closet organizer where you can put all your clothes, jewelries and accessories all in. Drawers with multiple chambers are great organizers of small accessories and jewelries. You can also have slide out rack, turntable rack, or pullout laundry hamper setup in your closet.
  • Make sure to keep it a habit putting your things back to its proper places. In this way, you won’t have a hard time looking for them when you need them and you won’t lose anything. Keep everything in place.
  • When buying bedsheet, comforter and pillow case, it’s best to have a theme. Don’t buy them individually, but as a set.
  • Color your walls with light and cool colorslike baby blue, apple green, baby pink, peach, etc. This will make your room look bigger. It is important to have that effect so you can relax more. It is also important that the color of your room blendswith everything in it. This will also create the mood that you want your room to have.
  • Add a touch of green. It would be nice to put a real plant inside your room for so many benefits. If you’re eyes are tired, it’s good if you have something green in your room where you can look at as this will soothe them. Also, plants can remove too much carbon dioxide in your room and provide oxygen. I also recommend to have eucalyptus plant to drive those insects out of your room.
  • Clean your room regularly. It would be best to have a schedule set everyweek to do this.
  • Do not buy things for your room that are really not that important. Sometimes, all you have to do is re-organize the way you place things in your room.
  • Add a personal touch. If you have an artwork, awards, medals, or anything that you can be proud of, you can have them as an additional display. It will be your own personal art gallery. Just place them as organized and artistic as possible.
  • Maximize your space. If you have limited space in your bedroom, try to maximize every angle and every space. Check out the different types of beds like wallbed, pull-out, double-decker, rollup or sofabed available in the market.

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