How to Clean the Rims on Your Car

Cleaning rims on your car is no longer a challenge your pressure washer will excel in getting the tough stains of brake dust and grease from your rims.

To clean your rims really well you may wish to purchase some rim cleaner, there are several brands at auto supply companies and discount department stores. It only takes a little bit of product
to clean rims with your Ex-Cell unit and you will be amazed at the results.

Follow this easy step by step method

  1. First Step back about two feet and a little off to the side of the rim then Rinse the rim at close range, about 8 inches away while trying to spray in the cracks and from many angles.
  2. Spray the rim in circular motion following the out side of the rim and rinse the tire also, especially if you have white walls.
  3. Put the wand down and spray the Rim Cleaner on the tire and white walls, rinse the white wall this time from 5 inches away, but stand back.
  4. Hold the pressure washer wand and tip and follow the white wall around the tire.
  5. Next spray the rim with Rim Cleaner generously and allow ten seconds to pass then rinse the rim at about 8 inches away with the Ex-Cell Pressure Washer.

Always clean the rims first and after you are done with the entire car rinse the rims slowly from a distance and dry.

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