How to clean…

Quick tips for having a cleaner life.

Don’t delay your cleaning, try to do small clean up often.
Have a cleaning cloth under the sink for quick wipe up of the sink and counter in the mornings or throughout the day.
Make your bed first thing when you get up. This is a great way to start the day. Coming out of the shower into a bedroom with a neatly made bed will give you a good feeling.

I know it sounds silly, but it really works. Don’t knock it until you have tried it. Try this for one week: make your bed first thing when you get up every day, and see what a difference it makes in how you view yourself and the cleanliness of your home.

As I mentioned above, clear the table right after a meal. Put your dishes in the dishwasher immediately as you clear off the table.

It takes more steps and more work to clear dishes off the table, then stack the dirty stuff all over the kitchen, and then to make another trip to scrape the plates and finally put them in the dishwasher later.

Make it one step: take the dishes from the table past the garbage can for scraping, then into the empty dishwasher, add soap and get it running right away.

Get those pots and pans washed immediately, too. It really doesn’t help to let them sit around. (I have tried this, and I found that they were still in need of washing when I looked in on them the next morning.)

Things tend to be easier to clean when they are cleaned immediately. Stains will set into fabric, carpet, whatever, when they are left there, and everybody knows what damage spilled liquid can do when it is left on most any surface. It is much easier to avoid leaving glasses of water sitting around, than to clean up the mess that result from a spill.

With cats, and dogs, and kids, the place can get messy fast. I don’t think I am super neat but I do remember my Mom always cleaned up right after a mess was made. I didn’t think anything of at the time but I find now with a full house of kids and activities that life is just easier doing small cleaning jobs throughout the day.

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