Hard water stains from mirrors

How can I clean dried on, very hard water from windows, both house and car ?

The professional auto detailer on our forum suggests that you use super fine steel wool and water to remove the stain itself, and then clean the window as you normally would with glass cleaner.

Hard water stains are removed using acidic cleaners as well.  Such as CLR or products sold as soap scum or rust removers are typically acidic.

Here are a few home remedies to try:

Use pure white vinegar in a spray bottle to work on hard water stains on glass doors. Many people use vinegar to clean coffee makers

Use a fresh lemon cut in have or pure lemon juice to remove hard water stains (lemon juice is acidic).

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  1. I’m here because of Kim’s cool site. I have had terrible spots on my glass windows on one side of the house, I tried every tip I could find on the net including those here, oven cleaner, and glass cook top cleaner. The only thing I didn’t try was the suggested kerosene (fire hazard?). After years, I gave up and then tried the new glass cleaner I had been using, not expecting it to get rid of the spots any better than the usual glass cleaner–“Invisible Glass” found in the automotive departments of of most big box discount stores. (the aerosol works a little better that the spray bottle). Surprise–it worked and no effort!!

  2. Use a scotch brite pad on a pocket sander (the kind your husband has in the garage, the pad will stick to the sander because the sander is made to use velcro pads) then just “sand off” the water stains. The scotch brite pad will not scratch the glass. Follow up by waxing the glass with turtle wax to prevent further build up. Repeat the waxing about once a month. DO NOT use windex or other window cleaners, they will strip the surface and cause the water spots to stick even more (window cleaners are just scented ammonia). You want to treat the surface with the wax, not strip it. Also to prevent having to clean as often, don’t use bar soap, ivory, or dove products as they leave a LOT of soap scum behind. Use liquid soaps instead.

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