Washing The Motorhome in Spring Time

When washing your motor home there are two choices. Do it yourself or have some one do it for you.

If you are convinced on doing it yourself here are some tips.

  • First you’ll need a brush with soft bristles. It is best to find one with an 18-inch width. The normal truck washing brushes you find at the RV shops are only 12 inches and are soft bristled however, having and extra 6-inch width will cut your scrubbing time by a third
  • You will also need a bucket.It is better to use a bucket that the window washers use, since
    it is rectangular
  • Most Motor Coach and Trailer Manufacturers recommend that you do not use Clothes
  • washing soaps or dishwashing soaps. All temperature Cheer or Extra Action Tide are excellent for clothes but not too helpful in cleaning your motor home. We recommend a soap, which is specially made for gel coats

Now that you have all the proper and safe supplies, you can start. Be sure to shut all windows, sunlights, and vents. It is important to open all portable awnings to prevent water from getting in between and causing rotting, also to thoroughly clean them. You should begin by rinsing the top of the unit first. Be sure to remove debris, leafs, stagnant water and dirt.

Fill up the bucket with water. Only use two-three capfuls of soap per bucket. By this time the water is dripping from the top around the side. Spray the rest of the motor home off to make sure it is
all wet. Start washing the sunny side first.

Dip your brush in the bucket and go for it. When you get to rims, handles, and window borders, use the Soap Square or mitt, try to Hand soap these areas

When you are done soaping immediately rinse. Take the brush, rinse it and hit it against the driveway in a vertical direction to get all the soap and water off. Then take a big terry cloth towel and rap it around the brush and handle and dry off the side of the motor home drying the windows first before the towel gets too wet. When cleaning rollout awnings be careful no to push too hard, short quick strokes are best. Rinse for about two minutes

Dry as high as you can reach comfortably and dry the rest with the towel tied to the brush.
Repeat this process for all sides; you can take you time and move slower on the shady sides since there is no problem with water spotting in the shade. Expect the entire wash to take anywhere
from 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.

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