Automotive Waxing

General Information:

To wax automotive finishes there are a number of commercially available waxes, including pastes, liquids, and sprays. Wax is a very important aspect of your vehicles appearance and longevity. Wax is an effective, very thin, durable, barrier between the painted surface and the environment. Most experts recommend waxing your automobile twice per year once at the beginning of winter and once at the beginning of summer. These are the two most extreme seasons and waxing at these times offers the best protection.

Tools & Technique:

First wash your car thoroughly. Feel the surface if it is rough to the touch after washing you may need to find a proffessional for a cut polish. Apply the wax on a small area, by rubbing in a circular motion. Allow the wax to dry to a haze, then buff to a polish with a clean cotton cloth. Old cloth diapers are the best, but any thick cotton cloth that has been previously washed will polish without leaving lint. Two coats of wax will provide a deeper shine and added protection.

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