Keeping Dirt Out

Stop Dirt In Its Tracks

Did you know that over 95% of all dirt found in your house comes from outside?  Soil, dust, pollen, air pollution and many other sources get into your house and causes an endless cycle of cleaning, dusting and vacuuming. If it seems that you’re continually losing this battle to the elements why not do something proactive?  We suggest you enlist the following three lines of defense!


Keep the outside of your house as clean as possible. Does it not make sense to keep as much dirt as you can in the great outdoors before it enters your house?  We can achieve this quite easily by keeping the areas near any entrances free of sand, dirt, small rocks and debris which is easily tracked into your house.  By sweeping and cleaning your sidewalks, driveway, patio, porch, etc., on a regular basis, you will prevent a lot of indoor ‘after the fact’ cleaning.


Use entrance mats.  Did you know that a good quality entrance mat can capture as much as a pound of dirt per square foot?  This is much easier to remove from a mat than when it is spread through out your house.  Use as many large, good quality, mats as possible, both indoors and outside. Also, clean them often and thoroughly.


Capture the dirt completely on the first effort. What this means is to use tools and procedures that collect and don’t just scatter dust and dirt. High filtration vacuum bags, treated dusters and dust mops, clean rags, clean wash water, clean wet mops:  all these will make your cleaning more effective and longer lasting. Stopping dirt in its tracks is easier if you use the three lines of defense!

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