Clean & Organize The Garage

Treat the attic of a detached garage like the attic of your home, if it is insulated. If it is not insulated, the garage itself is likely not heated. If the garage has a musty smell, try to increase circulation by adding vents.

Check for pests, such as termites on the sill plate and sills. Check for rodents inside, and if you find evidence there are a variety of different controls you can use from poison to traps. However you choose to remove them, be certain to seal up the way they entered your home to start with. Inspect weather seals, stuff mothballs or steel wool into cracks and holes.

Sweep floor. Apply cat litter to spills of oil, antifreeze, etc to absorb substance. Use a heavy duty degreaser and damp mop garage floor to remove salt.

Check for the storage of chemicals. Do the containers have labels? Are they out of reach of small children? Are the products still effective, or have they expired?

Check you garage door opener. Lubricate rollers on door, hinges, and drive train. Put a 2 X 4 on the ground under the door. Close the door. Does it stop and rebound? Does it stop at all? If there is an infrared sensor, be certain the beam is lined up correctly, and that the wood interrupts the beam. If this is the case the door should not even start. This is the single largest moving piece of equipment in your home and you use it twice per day. Be certain it is safe and maintained and it will serve you for many years.

If your garage is heated, clean furnace, change filter, and shut off gas for the summer.

Check the drains around your garage. Is there a floor drain? Is there a drain in a below grade entrance? Is there a trough at the entrance (usually found when there is a drive way which slopes down into the garage) that needs to be cleaned?

If you have a detached garage, check gutters, shingles, and the condition of the paint.

Check CO2 and smoke detector batteries. Also check gauge or “Test” button on fire extinguishers. ABC dry chemical extinguishers should be turned upside down and tapped lightly to move around the chemical inside. Confirm expiry date. If expired, take to be re-charged and tested, or purchase a new extinguisher.

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