Soccer goalie gloves

For the longest time I never bothered to wash my goalie gloves, but over time the smell emanating from my kit became too much.  I have seen recommendations to hand wash the gloves carefully with shampoo so be sure the gloves are not damaged.  Which works okay I guess if you have the time.  You can carefully lather the inside and out with soap and rinse well hanging to dry always.

I however am more lazy than that, I usually just throw them in the wash with similar colors, and haven’t had a problem yet.  Always hang to dry, I also don’t wash them often since they likely would fall apart faster.  I must say that having started to wash my goalie gloves has extended the life somewhat since for whatever reason in the past I would replace a lot sooner.  At the time I thought they were just worn out but maybe it was because they were too funky…

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