Barbecue Cleaning Tips

The sun is shining and summer is round the corner, I am all set to make the most of the season this time. I love barbecued food and all my friends like it too. But what they dislike the most is cleaning it.

Partying in the shining sun also comes with a health and hygiene risk so it’s also important to take steps for preventing us and our family from falling ill.

Here are a few ways that I use to make the tuff looking job of barbecue cleaning effortless.

Cleaning Barbecue set

Before cleaning the barbecue set ensure that it has cooled down considerably.  Once it’s cooled down use warm soapy water to clean away the grease which has built up using a non-abrasive material. A more abrasive material will scratch the surface. It might also leave it more vulnerable to the elements and the barbecues nemesis, rust!!

Cleaning the grill of the barbecue?

When you takeout to use the barbecue after a long break its usual to find the grills filled with rust. As per my personal experience the best thing to use to clean it is wire wool, which can be found in most reputable hardware store. When that is done clean the rust residue by wiping it with a damp cloth. Thats it your stuff is clean and ready to use.

Using a steamer is an easy way to clean your Barbeque as it saves you a lot of time.

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