Top 10 Non-Traditional Laundry Tips

1. Join a nudist colony

2. Live at home forever (so Mom can do your laundry.

3. Invent, market, and use a new line of disposable clothes

4. Marry a drycleaner

5. Don’t eat fast food

6. Never get out of bed

7. Puree your food and drink through a straw

8. Never change a toner cartridge

9. Wear a garbage bag

10. Avoid small children

One Reply to “Top 10 Non-Traditional Laundry Tips”

  1. This post is hilarious!

    I think that more humor is needed when dealing with cleaning, it’s not a fun thing to do, but it is necessary,so approaching it with a smirk is essential.

    My two top favorites are;
    1.Join a nudist colony
    10.Avoid small children


    Devon Delaney

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