Crayon Stains From Clothes

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“I just discovered my son left a yellow crayon in his clothes, my clothes is all stained yellow, can you help?”

The dyes in crayons can cause permanent stains especially if set by heat, but here are things you can try.
The crayon is basically a wax you could refer to the site on wax removal from carpet. Basically you will want to place the stained area of clothes between an old white terry towels, using a iron (medium setting) melt the wax and the towel will act as a blotter, be sure to move the stain to a clean part of the towel frequently. Once there is no longer color transfer you have done all you can. The next thing to do is use the dry cleaning solvent as described in the tip on removing “Crayon from carpet” The technique is to blot or tamp the stain with the dry-cleaning solvent(use the same techniuw as described in the tip). The solvent can be purchased at some grocery stores or a carpet cleaning supply retailer.

Some people recommend WD-40 or a product called Goo Gone (found at most home centers) which you can try, but then you will have to remove the oil stain from the clothes, however that maybe a last resort WD-40 is effective in some cases. You can remove oil stains with a dry cleaning solvent. Recently I saw an article on these new crayola crayons that only mark a special type of paper and leaves nothing on any other surface, sound like a parents dream, but I guess that doesn’t help you now.

Precautions:For fine fabrics you should go to a good Dry Cleaner and explain the nature of the stain for best results.

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