Candle Wax From Stereo Speakers

Here is a question from Mary:

I need your help on this i had placed a candle on one of my stereo speakers and when I picked it up candlewax dripped all over my cloth speaker I have try to scrap it but it still has residue of candlewax on it. Please I would like to know how I can remove this without ruining my speaker. ?

This could be tough however if this doesn’t work for you, speaker cloth is not expensive and can be purchased at better electronics stores if you have to replace it.

The usual tip for candle wax removal is a cleaning towel and a low to medium warm iron, the wax warms up and wicks into the towel. For this particular situation, I would recommend using a kitchen paper towel. Usually with a towel you have to press down on the wax, you will have to be very gentle and will not be able to push down very hard. If you use a paper towel you make not have to push very hard to have the desired effect of the wax wicking onto the paper towel.

You may want to have some help you give some stability to the speaker and or speaker cloth. Remember you are using an iron and only use low to medium heat, be careful not to burn your own or your helpers fingers. So long as you keep the settings low you should be fine.

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