Fabric Softener, Dryer Sheets

Why use fabric softener or dryer sheets? To soften your fabrics and protect them from getting static cling. Liquid fabric softener has to be put into your washer during the rinse cycle.  Not before or after, doesn’t work well for me since I never am sitting beside the washer to time it correctly. Or dryer sheets, these are specially coated paper with fabric softeners that are released in the heat of your dryer to soften your clothes and protect them from static cling. Dryer sheets are available in a variety of brands and scents. Whether you buy a name brand, store brand or bargain brand dryer sheet only matters if you are interested in some of the added benefits they offer. Some dryer sheets also provide added stain protection to your clothing or an anti-wrinkling agent that will reduce the need to iron. Once your clothes are dry don’t throw that dryer sheet away! It still has many uses.

Used dryer sheets are great for dusting. They are useful on surfaces that attract static electricity, such as your computer or television screen. This will help keep the dust from resettling because of the ingredients in the dryer sheet that prevent static cling. They can also be used on any surface that can be dry dusted and you can just throw it away when you are finished. They are great for blinds, the inside of your car and wood surfaces as well (use dry). Another great way to use them is for picking up cat hair. One unique way to reuse a dryer sheet is to dampen it and rub it over your pantyhose. It will keep your slip and/or skirt from clinging to your legs! Used or new dryer sheets are great on any surface you want to eliminate static.

Eliminate odors with your new and used dryer sheets! They can be used in drawers or cupboards. You can even hang one up in your closet to keep it smelling fresh. Just place a few used dryer sheets in your sock drawer and it will help your drawer and clothing stay smelling dryer fresh.  You can also put a used or new dryer sheet in your laundry basket to keep the dirty laundry from smelling bad. They are great for stuffing into stinky sneakers too. Keep a used dryer sheet in the bottom of your wastebasket can to eliminate trash odors. It’s also a good idea to put a dryer sheet in your suitcases to keep out musty odors while they are stored.

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