This post is in honor of my 13 year old daughter who is certainly in the top ten worst dishwasher loaders of all time.  I try to give her pointers but I am sure she just ignores my advice in the futile hope that she will eventuallybe excused from helping around the house.  Here are four important tips for efficient dishwasher loading, to get to most out of each load and not waste energy re-washing etc.

Number one…load large items at the back or sides, so you do not block other dishes on the bottom or top racks from getting sprayed/cleaned.

Number two…the dirtiest dishes get placed near the centre of the dishwasher where there is more spray action.

Number three…don’t allow your utensils or dish nest, alternate spoons and forks etc to be sure they are cleaned with maximum efficiency.

Number four…place delicate or small items on the top rack, don’t allow stemware or other delicate items touch each other to prevent breakage or chips etc.

Its important to not overload the dishwasher either, however just having 3 plates on the bottom rack and a few cups on the top rack while half the sink is still full is not great either.  That’s just being a lazy teenager, think of it as saving the environment by packing and using the dishwasher efficiently.

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