Computer Screens Cleaning

How to clean your Computer Screen

Tools & Chemicals:

Soft cloth, anti-static cloth, water, specialized screen cleaner


1. Conventional wisdom is that you should only clean a computer monitor screen with a damp cloth, as many computer screens have an anti-glare coating that you risk damaging if you use a harsh household cleaner. Even traditional window cleaners can damage some coatings and screens, especially on laptop computers screen. Always check your manual.

2. Screen wipes are also available which are also great for the keyboard and general cleaning. Wipe your screen first, then the keyboard, mouse, and casing. Stop your computer from getting dirty in the first place by having them handy to wipe the grease off your fingers after eating junk food.

3. If you are using just a damp cloth to wipe the computer screen, be sure to dry it off as well to prevent streaking.

4. When cleaning the monitor casing use a soft cloth with your cleaning fluid. Always spray onto the cloth, not the equipment!

5. Antistatic sprays and other specialty cleaning chemicals are very common, and are formulated so they will not cause damage to even the most sensitive screens. Their effectiveness is questioned by some, but others swear by them. The theory is that as the product cleans it leaves a neutral charge, whereas a positive or negative charge will attract dust. The effectiveness is likely more a result of environment, but considering the insignificant cost it is probably worth it.

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