Cleaning Your Ceiling

Cleaning Your Ceiling

Cleaning your ceiling is frequently overlooked; with dead bugs and cobwebs, and other debris can your ceiling be a not so nice focal point as people enter your home.

Cleaning Your Ceiling
Cleaning Your Ceiling

If you are lucky and have an un-textured ceiling, then cleaning will be much easier.  You will be able to use a flat hard floor mop or doodle bug to clean your ceiling.  Be sure to vacuum up cobwebs and dust before attempting any wet cleaning.  A general purpose cleaner and water will be fine but use very little soap and be sure to really wring out your flat mop or doodle bug. Using safety glasses is best to prevent water/soap from dripping on you.  But you should be using your handle in a 45 degree angle so drips fall away from you.  If you are above carpet a drop cloth is advisable.

If your ceiling is low enough you will not need a step stool or ladder, but if you have vaulted ceilings you may need to acquire one. If you use a ladder, be sure to perform this task with a trusted friend at the base of the ladder for safety’s sake. Choose the direction in which you will clean so that you avoid missing spots. When cleaning, press rather firmly against the ceiling to ensure that you are effectively cleaning the area. Once you have finished a small portion of the ceiling, rinse the mop in clean water or use very little soap.  The less soap residue the better it is. Follow these steps for the remainder of the ceiling and let dry.

If you have a textured ceiling then vacuuming with a dusting attachment maybe your only option, spot cleaning can even be a challenge depending on how loose the texture is, you can try dry methods of cleaning like brushing with a soft brush or if it is the type of textured ceiling that isn’t too loose a soot sponge can be effective as well.  A soot sponge is a hard rubbery sponge which can be found at any janitorial supply store and is effect way to clean delicate surfaces, as the dirt transfers to the sponge you just clean the sponge and continue.  In my case when I moved into my 20 year old house the ceiling were visibly yellowing and the best course of action was to pant the entire ceiling. So cleaning your ceiling can be a challenge depending on the type of ceiling and how dirty it is.

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