Chocolate Off Leather Couch

This question was submitted from Susan W.

“A chocolate chip melted on my leather sofa as I sat on the sofa. The leather is not a polished type. There is now a dark stain on the leather.”

While leather is beautiful, it is hard to spot clean. If your sofa is aniline dyed or a soft leather there is nothing you can do with the exception of professional cleaning.

There just is not the proper equipment or chemicals available for the do it yourselfer to spot clean this type of stain.

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  1. I have a black PLeather ?? vinyl couch. It has sat out in my humid florida room (indoors) for 6 years. It is molded some with white spots, but most agravativingly it is very sticky. Almost like when you melt plastic slowly. I had a varsity jacket that did the same thing. you can’t even touch the arms because it is all sticky. How do I clean this and get the sticky out?

  2. Somebody sat on a piece of chocolate candy on our leather chair and made a large stain. The leather is a sort of orange calves leather. Can you give us any idea s to how we can get this stain off of our new chair???

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