Cast Iron Stove Top Grids

Here is a question submited recently…

My stove has cast iron grids over the burners and they are very difficult to clean. No matter how often I clean them I cannot get all the grease off. Is there a better way to do this than the old-fashioned way of boiling them in ammonia?

Boiling ammonia???? please don’t do that.

I have NEVER heard of any benefits derived from increasing the temperature of ammonia for cleaning. In fact it sounds downright hazardous to be ingesting the resulting fumes.

The best way to clean any cast iron kitchen wear is to stick them in the oven during the self cleaning cycle, or allow them to sit in a sink, sprayed with oven cleaner overnight.  Place the grids in a plastic bag overnight for good results.  A light scrub should remove any residue, rinse and they should be like new. If they are not painted, a light coat of cooking oil will prevent rust from appearing.

Always use caution when using caustic chemicals like oven cleaner. Wear gloves, safety glasses, and follow all the manufacturers instructions.

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