Water Stains from Carpets

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“How do you remove water stains from the carpet?”

I am assuming that your carpet is a synthetic fibre (nylon or polypropylene) and not a natural fibre (wool). In most cases what you are looking at is the outer edge of a high water line that has left alkaline materials on the tips of the fibre as it has dried.

  • Gather a white terry towel and regular household strength white vinegar.
  • Make a 50:50 water: white vinegar solution.
  • Make the towel very moist and gently rub the towel over the surface of the carpet. Do not soak the carpet just try to get the tips of the fibres moist.
  • The vinegar has an acidic pH and will dissipate leaving no residue.

If the stain persists and your carpet is a cut pile (as opposed to a level loop) you may have a condition called pooling which is not reversible.

If the fibre is natural you may have cellulosic browning which may be treated by an IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration) certified technician that are available in your Yellow Pages.

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