Gum From Natural Fibre Carpet

Jennifer asks;

Someone tracked gum onto a Natural Fibre Carpet with vegetable dye, how can we romve it?

You are wise not to use any cleaning compounds that are water based. Water based cleaning compounds used on some natural fibre vegetable dyed carpet can cause the dyes to run. If the water based cleaning compound is not neutral pH or close to neutral pH you also run the risk of alkaline browning or damaging the carpet with acid spotters, which may not be reversible.

Depending on where you are in the world, you should be able to get dry cleaning solvent from a grocery store, hardware store or carpet cleaning supplies store. Put a small amount on a white terry towel and lightly blot onto the carpet. Be patient the gum will destabilize and move from the fibre, Dry cleaning solvent will 100% dissipate and leaves no residue.

Do not use ice cubes or other freezers on natural fibre carpet as freezing the carpet made cause the fibres to break.

Good luck

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