Carpet Cleaning Machines

General Information :
All carpet cleaning machines work in relatively the same way. They inject or spray solution into the carpet, agitate and pick it up. As simple as this sounds, it involves some sophisticated engineering. You need a pump to spray the solution, a motor to move the agitation device (brush etc.) and a wet vacuum to pick up moisture. Some units also heat the water.

These units should be quick and easy to use for stain removal. They should also have the capacity to do larger areas. Check how easy it is to fill, dump and clean the solution and recovery tanks. Use the unit before purchasing making sure it is easy and light enough for the operator.
Also be aware of the following: cord length, how easy it is to clean the solution injectors and pick-up shoe, whether the brush on the agitator is easy or inexpensive to replace if it wears down and the warranty these units are prone to breakdown because of their complexity.

Available Products:
Look for upcoming recommendations and reviews.

Look for upcoming products.

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