Hairspray Overspray

Here is a question from Sally B. from Florida:

How do I remove Hairspray overspray from my walls and floor?

Hairspray is a common stain, however it is very tough to remove. It is almost like a shellac once dry, makes wonder how we get it out of our hair. I have had people recommend using shampoo and a brush to remove. I tried this with some success, but not too great. Next I have tried solvents like rubbing alcohol or acetone, this works better but it usually removes paint as well (if you are removing from a painted surface). It seems that painting is the only sure solution I have encountered so far for painted surfaces and solvents for non-painted surfaces. The hairspray should not bleed through at all on painted surfaces, however you may want to sand it down lightly to remove the texture as that may be visible through a fresh coat of paint.
Always test a small area first before using chemicals or techniques you have not used on the surface you are cleaning.

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