Clear Plastic Shower Curtains

This question was submitted from Kathie W.

“How do you wash or clean – preferably wash – plastic shower curtains? This one is clear.”

Shower curtains usually are stained with water stains and soap scum.

Try these techniques :

The easiest if probably washing in your clothes washing machine. Use normal laundry soap and put a cup of white vinegar in the wash with it.

The white vinegar is acidic and is an effective rinsing agent for soap residue and water stains.

You can also wash by hand using the same chemicals. Be sure to use gloves etc.

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  2. Wear gloves to use vinegar? Do you have a severe allergy or has Vinegar become extremely caustic since I last had it with my fries? Not all acids are created equally peeps!

  3. Really? Those shower curtains are like $1.99 at discount stores. Is the time spent on cleaning + the fumes really worth that? Treat yourself and go buy a new one.

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