Keeping clean and organized

The number one thing you can do to keep clean and organized is to have a spot for everything.  My daughter is famous in our house for leaving her shoes in random locations, after millions of requests (hyperbole for effect) over a long period of time I bought a giant shoe shelf(5 feet tall) for the mud room. I have seen an improvement in the random shoes around the house.  Invest the time to figure out the place for everything, shirts hanging in the closet, sock drawer, athletic clothes drawer etc.  Its helps reduce the constant “Mom!!! wheres my _____________?”

I also invested in shallow tupperware containers to slide under the bed, so I can have more places to put stuff.  Knowing where the cleaning stuff for example also helps.  As my kids have gotten older I can just tell them to clean up the spill they created because they know the precise location for everything.  I wonder how my mother managed because she did everything for me, I never had to lift a finger.  I guess I went the opposite way, I must be very lazy because I try to have a system that lets my family figure it out.  Hopefully in the long run it helps them run an efficient home so they can spend more time doing fun stuff in life.

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