Indentations/marks in Carpets

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I am moving into a home that has wall to wall carpeting. There are a lot of marks (indentations) in the carpet from the furniture that was there. How can I remove them and how long will it take.
Thank you

In many cases the mark will just disappear with time, however if the carpeting or the under pad is a lower quality, then it may not come up completely. There are a couple of thing to do, first rake the pile up with a fork or hair pick, then use a spray bottle filled with only water and spray the marks. The moisture will help loosen the fibers, and they should dry with a less pronounced indent.

This process may need to be repeated half a dozen times over several weeks to remove the marks completely. Some pro’s advocate using a steam cleaner, or an iron to blast the area with steam. You can try this if plain old water is proving unsuccessful, however use caution and NEVER actually set the sole of the iron on the carpet.  All you want is a blast of steam, which most newer irons can produce at the touch of a button.

Depending on the furniture and how it was used, the carpet may also be damaged. For example an office chair with wheels rolling on carpet in the same spot, will destroy the fibers themselves. Nothing short of replacement can remedy this problem.

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