We at Howtocleananything.com love the Olympics as much as the rest of you.  However, being so obsessed with cleaning as we are, we started to wonder about Olympic achievements of a different sort. Consequently, after exhaustive research (thank you Guinness Book of World Records!), we are proud to present the following H.T.C.A. Gold Medal Winners..

Car Washing: to the Carol High School students of Yakima WA. who washed 3844 cars in 8 hours on May 7 1983.

Garbage Collecting: to the 50,405 people who cleaned the California Coastline on Oct. 2 1993.

Bed Making: to Wendy Wall (of Sydney Aus.!) who made a standard bed “hospital style” in 28.2 seconds on Nov. 30 1978.

Shoe Shining: to 4 chaps in London England who shined 14,975 shoes “on the hoof” on June 15 1996.

Clothesline: to the citizens of Bavel Netherlands who strung up 17,298 ft. of freshly washed laundry on June 2 1996.

Lawn Mowing: to Jay Frick of Monroe Ohio who built a 60 ft. wide lawn mower which cuts an acre of grass in only 60 seconds.

Garbage Can: to Durban South Africa that constructed a fiberglass trash can 19 ft. 9 in. with a capacity of 11,493 gallons in Sept. 1991.

Carpet: to those high stepping Rockettes who kicked their way down a Red Carpet of 52,225 sq.ft. in N.Y.C. on Feb. 13 1982.

Garbage Dump: to the Sanitation Dept. of New York for their 3000 acre facility on Staten Island which processes 4,368,000 ton of garbage per year.

Sewage Works: to Stickney Ill. for their plant that handles 802 million gallons of waste a day.

Finally, after extensive toxicology testing which revealed illegal levels of many banned substances, we are revoking the Gold Medal from the folks of the Ixtoc 1 oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. From June 3 1979 to Mar. 24 1980, they spilled 505,600 tons of crude oil creating a slick 400 miles long.

Now you have our 2000 Cleaning Olympics medal results. Like N.B.C., we offer no apologies for our lack of live coverage or for the fact that many of the events ended long before we presented to you.

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