Hamster’s Cage

Tools & Techniques: Animal safe cleaner,newpaper,cleaning rags

General Info: A dirty cage brings more potentail for infection and sickness for your Hamster as bacteria grows freely in a dirty wet environment.


1. Clean the cage floor twice a week by removing the litter and cleaning the inside of the cage completely. Place newpapers all around and under the cage. Remove toys, wheels,food trays, etc.

2. Remove all the bedding and clean the bottom using the animal safe cleaner and rinse with water. Roll up the newpaper will all the bedding etc. and throw in garbage.

3. Clean all the toys food trays etc., do not use soap on food trays just warm or hot water and a rag or sponge.

4. Never use phenols or carbolic acid type cleaning chemicals like the kind you might find in the grocery store. They contain chemicals that are harmful to your pet.

5. Always follow the instructions on any chemical you may buy for you pet. If you clean on a regular basis it will reduce the need for allot of chemicals keeping your pet safer.

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