Clear Web History : Cleaning your internet history on windows XP

Clear Web History
So you have been looking online for a anniversary present, a surprise vacation, or maybe things that you shouldn’t be looking at….here is how to clean or delete internet browsing history on Windows XP. It is a very simple process:

Click on Windows Start Icon in the bottom left corner

Click on “Control Panel”

Double-click “Internet Options”

Make sure the General tab is selected.

Click “Delete” in the Browsing History box.

Click “Delete History”

Click “YES” when it asks if you want to delete all items in your history.

To remove other evidence of where you have been browsing you should also repeat the above for deleting “Temporary internet files” and “Cookies” located in the same Delete browsing history window

Close the Browsing History box

Click OK at the bottom of the General box to exit.

Don’t count on this helping at work where most internet access is logged before it even reaches your work station – as a rule if you wouldn’t want your boss to see what you’re viewing online – just save it for surfing at home!

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