Smells from a Microwave…

This happens frequently when cooking various food items, and it can be kind of gross.  Start with a good cotton cleaning cloth or paper towels, water, baking soda,  lemons or lemon juice.

Mix about one cup of water with 4 tablespoons of baking soda and the juice of one lemon.  Using this mixture wipe down the inside of the microwave thoroughly, careful to clean the top of the inside as well.  The best method is to try and wipe splatters as they occur.  I know this can be a challenge since I have a couple of teenagers in the house and cleaning up after themselves is not on top of their priority list.  Use the remaining solution or mix a new solution and place in a microwave safe container and microwave it for 2 minutes or until the water boils.  We are trying to steam up the microwave to loosen dirt and get a very deep cleaning down.  Using steam cleaning to remove the smells.

Carefully open the microwave, it should be very steamy.  Using a oven mitt to remove the water or let it cool, the steam should have loosened any persistent food spatters and the citrus hopefully removes the smells.  Wipe down the inside again once again and you should have a pretty clean and smell free microwave for a while anyway, until the next kid/slob warms up some ravioli without a cover…

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