Infant car seats

General Information:
To clean children’s car seats, give your self a day when you’re not likely to require the use of the car seat. Remove the seat from your vehicle, as you will need all restraining belts undone to remove the fabric cover. Most manufacturers are aware that young children can expel a number of smelly, gooey, protein rich substances, in addition to misdirected cookie, juice, crackers, and milk snacks. For this reason almost all car seats have washable covers.

Tools & Technique
Start by brushing off or vacuuming the entire seat. Remove the cover, watching carefully how it re-attaches to the car. A quick video tape or Polaroid picture will help things go together correctly. Be sure to follow washing instructions, as some covers cannot be put in the dryer. If in doubt, wash in cold water with an enzyme digester, and allow to air dry.

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