Cleaning instrument cluster

The following question was aked by Rachel: I accidentally got some of the interior cleaner on the glass/clear surface where my clock is. Of course, it is very hard to see now. A car wash was able to clean it once, but I don’t want to have to pay them to get it clean again. Also, my gear shift appears to be extra soiled? It is very smooth and sticky when you try to clean it.

Any advice on getting it back to it’s original condition? The display where your clock is, is likely made from clear plastic or plexiglass/lexan. Using a harsh cleaner like fantastic can actually damage the finish and will leave a clouded appearance. If it is an armour all type cleaner that has smeared it, just wipe it with water mixed with some dish soap. Then wipe it off with a clean dry cotton cloth. As for the gear shift, it depends on if it is vinyl or leather.

For leather use a proper leather cleaner, and follow the manufacturers directions. As for vinyl try your regular car interior cleaner/treatment like armour all, and get a scotch brite pad to gently scrub the surface. The green pad found in most drug stores in the dishwashing scrubber section works great. Don’t be too aggresive or you will remove the color and the top finish from the gear shifter. Good luck!

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