Gentlemen’s Accessories

General Info.:
Here are some tips on how to care for and store gentlemen’s accessories.

Care – When taking off a tie, try to remove by gently loosening the knot, not by yanking on the collar loop which can stretch the fabric. Always have ties dry-cleaned by a reputable cleaner with experience in spot removal and non-fading silk cleaning methods. Non-experts should only attempt to gently blot fresh water spills with a dry, clean white cotton cloth. Leave all other stains to an expert.
Storage – Try to hang ties on brass hooks, with one tie per hook. For packing purposes, roll up ties to prevent wrinkling.

Belts :
Care – To keep looking scuff-free, buff leather belts with a clean, soft cloth. Do not use shoe polish. Polish buckles with the appropriate metal polish when they start to look dull.
Storage – Always hang by the buckle from a hook or roll them up and store in a drawer.

Shoes :
Care – Suede and nubuck shoes need a protective spray. Re-apply often, especially after they’ve been wet. When necessary, lift flattened nap with an old toothbrush. Leather shoes need to be polished often. Instant polish works in a pinch, but nothing replaces old fashioned buffing with a shoe brush.
Storage – Try to use wooden shoe trees as much as possible. They preserve the shape of the shoe as well as absorbing moisture and odour. Also, never wear a pair of shoes two days in a row. They need time to dry out naturally.

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