School clothes washing Tips

School clothes

Summer  over and the days of endless summer fun for the kids will be replaced by “where is my FUBU sweat shirt” and “who stole my Tommy fubu Jeans“. Since we are not going to get away with “I didn’t care if I had designer clothes when I was a kid” or “no one on Survivor Island wore designer clothes“. These days with clothes costing a weeks wages and a wardrobe costing a years overtime pay, here as some basics to be sure they last as long as possible or at least until the next style comes along.

1. Have three baskets or bags for sorting whites, darks and medium colors.

2. Wash heavily soiled or work clothing separately.

3. Wash similar fabrics together jeans sweat shirts, etc. and loose knits separate.

4. Wash all new clothes with dark colors separately for at least the first few times.

5. Wash lint-producing clothes together and don’t wash clothes that are damaged (rips & tears etc.). Repair them first to avoid fraying.

6. Always check and double check pockets, take the extra few minutes you will thank me if you find that errant ballpoint pen as opposed to spending 3 hours cleaning all the ink from the dryer. (I know of a “friend” who had to do this recently).

7. Have a stain pre-treatment spray or stick handy to treat stains as you are sorting. Use a bar of non-scented soap in a pinch if you have nothing else.

8. Consider using a laundry booster which will give you that extra punch just in case you miss treating any stains before washing.

9. If you can inspect your laundry as you transfer it into the dryer. Giving larger pieces a shake when transferring them will help them dry faster and more evening than an article that is all balled up on itself.

10. Hang the designer clothes up as soon as possible this will help prevent all the moaning and groaning when your little cherub gets up late and complains the jean are wrinkled. “Hey I am not going to iron your jeans no matter what you say, jeans were invented for miners and I don’t think they got their Mommy’s to iron their jeans before going out and looking for gold nuggets all day.”


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