Stickers from Bathtub

How do I remove the ugly non-slip flowers and butterfly stickers from my old bathtub?

The adhesive used on these decorative non-slip pads are amazing. I have seen tubs with the surface of the baked enamel finish pulled up where the old sticker had been removed! In which case you need to repaint the area with touch up paint for bathtubs so it won’t rust.

Stickers from Bathtub
Stickers from Bathtub

Here are some ideas that have been successful:

Cover the sticker with tinfoil and heat with a hair dryer, once the sticker has softened, use your fingernail, cuticle stick, or plastic ice scraper to carefully lift up an edge being sure to get all the layers. Avoid metal edges, as you can easily damage the tub. Slowly pull up and peel back the strip, trying to keep the top layer and clear adhesive film layer together.

If the layers do separate and the film tears as you progress, lift other edges around the strips, working toward the center until all parts of the sticker are free.

WD-40 is effective at removing sticky residue from the sticker as well.  But the oily film from the wd-40 will need to be cleaned with soap and water once the sticker has been removed from the bathtub.


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