How to Cut Your Flu Risk in Half

how to prevent colds and flu

how to prevent colds and flus in the workplace

There are some important basic guidelines to follow to ensure you protect yourself during the flu season. Officials at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) are warning about the perils of the flu this year once again.

Already 21 children have died due to flu, which is more than last year at the same time. As the season progresses, more deaths will be attributed to the flu as is normally the case in years past.

Deaths due to the flu for adults are not required to be reported to the CDC, only children. Although it is clearly an indicator of the severity of the outbreak.

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How to Prepare for and Prevent a Pandemic

pandemic preparedness plan guide

As an employer, the last thing you want to hear when your staff calls you in the morning is that they are sick.

A sick employee is costly. In addition to costing you productivity and revenue, a sick employee can put your entire team at risk. When one employee shares his or her illness with several others in your company, you could have a pandemic on your hands.

Want to avoid the high costs of employees missing work and keep your staff healthy? Here are a few tips for preventing a pandemic in your office.

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