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We’ve discovered some of the best housekeeping services and listed them for you here.  We’ve also put together a list of helpful hints to keeping your house and your rental property clean.

House Cleaning MiamiDon’t have enough time for house cleaning yourself?  Want a professional look, but aren’t sure how to get it?  If these situations describe you, hiring a housekeeper or professional cleaning company may be right for you.  Below you’ll find a list of housekeeping companies that come highly rated in the Miami area.

Nice-N-Clean Maid Service

Mrs. Clean

A Cleaner Image

Miami Beach Maid Housekeeping Maid Easy

Beyond Cleaning Services

Rental Properties

If you own a property that you rent out, you’ll want to ensure its cleanliness to attract renters.  Many rental properties are used for vacations and if you have a clean property, vacationers will likely come back year after year to vacation at your property.  If rentals are rented on a weekly basis, hiring a cleaning company can be very beneficial. The company will perform routine cleaning and can also ensure other maintenance items are cleaned as needed-such as blinds, ovens, appliances and walls.

Rental properties used for vacation require extra cleaning on a week-to-week basis.  Be sure the company you hire will change linens, clean tubs and showers, mirrors and clean appliances used often like microwaves and stoves.

Musty Closets & Mildew

Musty closets can be a nuisance in humid climates like Miami. To combat that musty smell, you can buy specially made products made to keep your closet smelling fresh. Leaving the light on for short periods of time throughout the day can also help get rid of moisture in your closet.  Air your clothes before rehanging them in the closet or putting them in a hamper, as oils and moisture from your skin get trapped in fabrics throughout the day.  House Cleaning Miami

To keep mildew from gathering on places like shower curtains, use a solution of lemon juice and water to clean, then dry in the sun.  Or clean that shower curtain with a store bought solution made specifically to combat mildew.

Recommended Products

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