Cleaning Golf Club Grips

Gather Cleaning Materials (mild dish detergent, terry towels(2)

To clean your golf grips. You can simply wipe them down with a moist cloth, then dry with a second cloth. You can also spray on a mild liquid cleanser, such as Windex, then wipe off.
The method described here takes a few more minutes than the Windex or water methods, but it works well for getting off the grime that builds up, and for washing away oils from our hands and chemicals from the golf course.

You’ll need a mild dish washing detergent and two cloths, one to use wet and the other to dry with. Fill a Sink with Water and Suds insert a stopper in your kitchen sink. Squirt in detergent as you are filling sink with warm water create lots of suds. Take each of your clubs in turn. Use the wet cloth to grab some suds, then rub the suds into the grip using the towel.

Apply the suds to the grips and work the suds into the grips rinse with warm water and dry with second terry towel.  A soft brush is helpful to get the ground in dirt and grease.


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