Golden Rules for Stain removal

What are the golden rules for stain removal? Scrubbing and rubbing is the first thing most are inclined to do when cleaning a stain, but it is not the correct way to go.  This will only spread or drive the stain deeper into the fabrics and or carpet or surface you are working on cleaning.  You want to gently lift the stain out by using techniques like blotting, flushing or tamping. Some golden rules for effective stain removal are as follows.

1. Act quickly; speed in which you attempt to remove the stain is a huge factor in success.

2. Use the simplest method first, try to physically remove as much of the stain as you can by scooping, sweeping, lifting, or vacuuming before dousing it with chemicals.

3. Don’t use water or any chemical until you know what the stain is and don’t forget to pre-test if you are using a spot cleaning chemical.

4. Never apply heat until the stain has been completely removed, heat sets stains. When cleaning clothes or fabrics you are laundering always inspect before using a dryer to dry.  The heat will set the stain, you are better off letting the item air dry and re-try to remove the stain.  Follow this and other golden rules for your best success when removing stains.


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