Cleaning Ceramic or Glass Cooktops

I find glass cooktops & ceramic cooktops especially difficult.  They look so nice before you use them but I have never seen one that looks that way after even a small amount of use.  Even 6 months of mild use leaves them looking less than perfect. The best recommendation is to never let food overcook or spill on the hot cooktop.  Maybe having a super thick terry towel that you wet down so you can wipe a hot cooktop when you spill something but I am not sure that is realistic. When its cool super easy to remove spills but hot cooktop translates to more difficulty removing stains.  Use the manufacture recommended cleaning solution for glass cooktops and ceramic cooktops cleaning. Otherwise use a non abrasive cleaner and nonabrasive scrubber.  I have seen very badly stained glass cooktops where you have to use a more aggressive approach like oven cleaner and a plastic scrubber and you can restore those to some degree.  My opinion as someone who has seen many many glass cooktops, is not to buy one unless you don’t cook much.


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