Cleaning Kids Toys :Kids toys smelling worse than the kids….

Cleaning Kids Toys

Lets face it kids are not really clean or neat.  They put their hands in all kinds of creative places and then play with their toys and or put their hands all over your face to share the love (and or germs).  Here are some ideas for cleaning kids toys. Bath toys or wash plastic toys with warm soap and water, or even the top rack of the dishwasher if they don’t have movable parts.

I usually wash soft toys in the washing machine (double check instruction label) on the delicate cycle.  You can place them in a pillowcase and tie off the top for extra protection.  For toys with electronics or ones that cant be washed use a cloth with worm water and soap and wipe the surface.  For the parts with harder surfaces I use a magic eraser and rinse or wipe off residue with a cloth and plain water.

To be fair there should be some kind of warning system before you have kids saying you will be scrubbing and cleaning endlessly after them until the day they move out (and sometimes after), at least with prior knowledge maybe it would be slightly more bearable.  Instead we have to wait until the kids have children before they appreciate the extent of the labour required to raise them.


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