Hiking Boots-Leather & Suede

General Info. :
Without proper care, leather (and suede) hiking boots will rot or else turn brittle and crack. Even newer waterproof boots need attention to keep the leather supple, conditioned and functionable.

Technique :
Some models are pre-treated at the factory and can be worn several times before waterproofing. Others , especially lighter boots, should be treated as soon as they are purchased.
After use, clean boots with clean, cool water and a medium stiff brush. If mud is allowed to dry on boots for any length of time natural oils can start to wick out of the leather.
Dry wet boots as soon as possible-take out footbeds and laces.
Re-apply the appropriate waterproofing often, especially after the boots have been soaked during use. Consult with the boot vendor for the best treatment for your particular pair.

Precaution :
Never dry wet boots with a direct intense heat source such as a campfire or blow-dryer. These will dry out the leather and weaken the glue.


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