Dishwasher Build Up

“How can I clean soap residue from the inside of my dishwasher ? ”

The most likely cause of this problem is hard water scale and/or over-using dishwasher detergent.

Try these techniques :

First, try not filling the soap reservoir all the way.  You’d be surprised at how clean dishes can get using less soap.  This will help to avoid deposits.

Second, to get rid of the current deposits try using a damp sponge sprinkled with a little dishwashing powder.  Remember, never clean the inside of any dishwasher with anything but dishwasher soap or else you will create excess suds.

Finally, to get rid of hard water deposits, place a bowl of vinegar in the top rack and put it through a normal wash cycle. This should get rid of any mineral deposits. Repeat if necessary.

Crayon off Cupboards and Counters

This question was submitted from Tracy…

My son colored several of our kitchen cupboards with crayons. We tried window cleaner, but now the wax is smeared all over. What will remove this mess?

Think of how Rembrandt or Monet got started!  Did their mom’s have to clean oil paints off the walls?

The best solution is likely in your basement or garage. It is WD-40, a spray lubricant used for tons of things including cleaning.  Spray some on a clean, dry, cotton cloth and wipe the stain. It is that simple.

This works on most hard surfaces, including tables, counters, walls, and televisions. Avoid spraying the lubricant directly on the surface if possible, and test a small area to be sure it does not damage the finish.

Moldy Basket

I was ripening some tomatoes and they got moldy in my wicker fruit basket. How can I clean it?

The first thing to do is brush off as much of the mold as possible. Then mix a sink of warm water with half a cup of chlorine bleach. Do NOT immerse the basket, but using a nylon scrub brush dipped in the water, scrub the affected area. Once it is clean, rinse with the bleach mixture, then with fresh water. Allow the basket to dry in the sun to be sure the mold is gone.


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