How to Cut Your Flu Risk in Half

how to prevent colds and flus in the workplace

There are some important basic guidelines to follow to ensure you protect yourself during the flu season. Officials at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) are warning about the perils of the flu this year once again.

Already 21 children have died due to flu, which is more than last year at the same time. As the season progresses, more deaths will be attributed to the flu as is normally the case in years past.

Deaths due to the flu for adults are not required to be reported to the CDC, only children. Although it is clearly an indicator of the severity of the outbreak.

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How to Prepare for and Prevent a Pandemic

pandemic preparedness plan guide

As an employer, the last thing you want to hear when your staff calls you in the morning is that they are sick.

A sick employee is costly. In addition to costing you productivity and revenue, a sick employee can put your entire team at risk. When one employee shares his or her illness with several others in your company, you could have a pandemic on your hands.

Want to avoid the high costs of employees missing work and keep your staff healthy? Here are a few tips for preventing a pandemic in your office.

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What Should I Look For in a Top Commercial Cleaning Company?

Top Commercial Cleaning Companies Save you Money

Are you looking for a top commercial cleaning company? Do you know the most important factors to consider to ensure that your facility or properties taken care of properly?

Selecting a cleaning company may seem like an easy task. However, if you make a poor choice, the results can be the source of great headaches in the future. Conversely, a great commercial cleaning company will keep issues off your plate and help keep your office or building running smoothly.

The value of clean is quite significant. You are trusting the well being of your facility and your business to the supplier you choose.

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How Do I Determine if a Cleaning Company is Reputable?

get a list of reputable commercial cleaning company names

It is easy to say that you have to find a reputable cleaning company. Verifying that they company you are considering is reputable may be a little easier said than done.

It may seem easier than ever to verify that a company is reputable; you can just check them out online, right? Technology is a two-edged sword though because it is also easier than ever for a company to misrepresent themselves as professionals.

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Why Should I Hire a Professional Cleaning Company?

commercial office cleaning companies have a great reputation

Have you run into issues with your current cleaning company? Are you looking for a cleaning company to handle maintenance and cleaning at your facility for the first time?

It is important to know that any cleaning company you are considering will have the requisite skill and technical knowledge they need to successfully take care of the tasks you are contracting to them. You must be sure they will successfully handle unexpected events if and when they occur.

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In House Employees or Outsourcing for Building Maintenance

comparing in house employees costs and challenges vs outsourcing

Is your company trying to determine how to handle facility maintenance and cleaning? Would it be most cost effective and efficient to outsource or hire in-house employees?  If you are in the process of comparing in house employees costs and challenges vs outsourcing, then this post is for you.

Property managers and facility executives are on the front lines in terms of a building’s operations. When the AC breaks down, or a toilet is stopped up, they get a call and are expected to get the job done faster than fast, and get the building running properly again. It is possibly the most under appreciated of responsibilities in an organization that is until there is some kind of building emergency or issue…

There are so many areas that are beyond the control of the facility manager. Budgets and resources are often handed over to them with minimal input, and they have to figure out how to utilize them efficiently.

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How to End a Cleaning Contract

how to use an end of contract letter to end a cleaning contract

Is it time to end the relationship with your contract cleaner? If you are like most cleaning companies, you probably have not talked to your cleaning contractor much since the start of your contract. Each time you do, your communications probably stem around you trying to get something fixed, changed, or improved.

The bottom line is you do not see the results you’d like, and you are ready to make a change. No matter how long you’ve worked with a cleaning company, firing the contractor responsible for your facility is not easy.

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IICRC Study Identifies Top Stains Of The Season

how to remove wine stain from carpet

We all love the holidays; they give us a chance to let loose, relax and over indulge in all manner of food and drink without having to feel guilty about it. Unfortunately, with all that food and drink getting carried around, it’s pretty common for a fair amount of it to fall on the floor.

I know over the years I have been very popular at parties when a big spill happens. I quickly get called over and asked for my expertise in removing the offending red wine stain. Depending on the number of eggnogs the party goers have had, my performance can meet with ecstatic cheers or quiet indifference. Either way, I always get a call.

The holiday season is about decorations and spending time with loved ones. It is a tremendous amount of work to pull off a successful gathering.

As a professional cleaner, I understand that few people give the same amount of care to preparing for the cleaning part of the holidays. So whether you are reading this to get prepared or because an accident has already happened, let’s go over the most common holiday stains, and I will give you some tips to treat them.

Left untreated, these stains will leave a lasting reminder for years to come that is often unnecessary if you are prepared.

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Minimum Insurance Coverage for Commercial Cleaning Contractors

general contractor liability insurance

What are the minimum insurance requirements you should be considering when outsourcing your night cleaning? This is a relatively important if not a critical risk management basic.

In most cases, the average building or business will have millions in assets including the building, inventory, and computer systems that need insurance protection. Insurance coverage is also critical to guard against the effects of a business interruption if a disaster strikes.

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What are Reasonable Commercial Cleaning Costs?

We'll show you how to determine reasonable commercial cleaning costs.

Are you trying to determine a reasonable cleaning budget for your commercial building? Due to the variety of building types and office setups it is very difficult, if not impossible, to determine standard commercial cleaning costs.

Chain stores, such as movie theaters and restaurants, may be be able to establish a per seat average cost due to the fact their buildings are likely very similar in size and set up, however for most businesses this is difficult.

There are 28 million small businesses (defined as a company with less than 500 employees), so there are millions of unique, non-cookie cutter office and work environments to consider. With all that variety it’s hard to provide a per square foot charge to use as a benchmark.

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