Cleaning Cloth Upholstery

Cloth upholstery

The number one method to keep cloth furniture clean is prevention.   Avoid having dirty or potentially have leather couches in the family room and the nicer cloth furniture in the living room.  That being said here are a few things to do the keep and clean cloth upholstery.

Vacuum regularly using a dusting attachment (the attachment with brushes) this helps loosen dust and dirt making the cleaning and any future spills much easier.  Be sure the vacuum under the cushions as well (you will find loose change), but crumbs always work their way under the cushions." alt="Uphostery Cleaning" width="119.44 degrees Celsius">247" height="204" data-height="204" data-width="119.44 degrees Celsius">247" />


If you have a stain which needs removing use a general purpose spot cleaner and clean by following the package instructions, it is always better to tamp or blot stains, rubbing damages fibres and sets stains.  Here is a recipe for a good home made spotter for cloth upholstery.

Mix ¼ cup of laundry soap with warm water if you use a mixer or a whisk you can mix to a froth and use the foam as your spotter.  Apply with a clean cloth or sponge, tamp or blot the stain as the stain breaks down into the foam remove with a kitchen scraper. Rinse by using cool water and blotting with a dry white towel.  Always test a small area on and unseen spot on the upholstery first to be sure there are no adverse affects.

If you have a fresh stain always blot with a clean white towel first to absorb as much of the spill before having to put out the cleaning supplies.  Often immediate blotting with remove much if not all of the spill.

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Cleaning Schedules

Many people don’t attach much time to planning or setting up a cleaning schedule for themselves.  Here are some advantages to setting up a regular cleaning schedule for yourself or your family.

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–          You will always keep up with your cleaning so you won’t be overwhelmed with cleaning tasks.

–          Your home will be an overall healthier environment.

–          You will have extra time for larger tasks if you always keep up with the basics.

–          You don’t have to worry about dusty shelves if you see them, because you know it will be taken care on the scheduled time etc.

–          Cleaning is very easy if it is done often, the dirt never builds up to the point where it is difficult to clean. Just be sure to have all the needed janitorial supplies on hand!

–          Most surfaces and or objects last longer if they are clean.



House Cleaning Miami

We’ve discovered some of the best housekeeping services and listed them for you here.  We’ve also put together a list of helpful hints to keeping your house and your rental property clean.

1635" title="House Cleaning Miami" src="" alt="House Cleaning Miami" width="275" height="183" srcset=" 275w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 275px) 100vw, 275px" />Don’t have enough time for house cleaning yourself?  Want a professional look, but aren’t sure how to get it?  If these situations describe you, hiring a housekeeper or professional cleaning company may be right for you.  Below you’ll find a list of housekeeping companies that come highly rated in the Miami area.

Nice-N-Clean Maid Service

Mrs. Clean

A Cleaner Image

Miami Beach Maid Housekeeping Maid Easy

Beyond Cleaning Services

2>Rental Properties2>

If you own a property that you rent out, you’ll want to ensure its cleanliness to attract renters.  Many rental properties are used for vacations and if you have a clean property, vacationers will likely come back year after year to vacation at your property.  If rentals are rented on a weekly basis, hiring a cleaning company can be very beneficial.  The company will perform routine cleaning and can also ensure other maintenance items are cleaned as needed-such as blinds, ovens, appliances and walls.

Rental properties used for vacation require extra cleaning on a week-to-week basis.  Be sure the company you hire will change linens, clean tubs and showers, mirrors and clean appliances used often like microwaves and stoves.

2>Musty Closets & Mildew2>

Musty closets can be a nuisance in humid climates like Miami.  To combat that musty smell, you can buy specially made products made to keep your closet smelling fresh.  Leaving the light on for short periods of time throughout the day can also help get rid of moisture in your closet.  Air your clothes before rehanging them in the closet or putting them in a hamper, as oils and moisture from your skin get trapped in fabrics throughout the day.  1636" title="House Cleaning Miami" src="" alt="House Cleaning Miami" width="180" height="176" srcset=" 180w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 180px) 100vw, 180px" />

To keep mildew from gathering on places like shower curtains, use a solution of lemon juice and water to clean, then dry in the sun.  Or clean that shower curtain with a store bought solution made specifically to combat mildew.

2>Recommended Products2>

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Domestic Cleaning

Domestic cleaning is a part of all of our lives.  However, the time may come when you have a large house or a busy schedule and you cannot handle all of the cleaning yourself and would like to hire a domestic cleaning company.  Before you do so, be sure you know what to expect from a housekeeper.

1593" title="Domestic Cleaning" src="" alt="Domestic Cleaning" width="252" height="200" srcset=" 252w, degrees Celsius">119.jpg 150w" sizes="(max-width: 252px) 100vw, 252px" />A housekeeper is responsible for the removal of litter, dirt and stains.  A housekeeper does not generally pick up toys, clothes, or other clutter, though.  Talk with the house cleaning company to determine what is considered clutter and what isn&#4547.22 degrees Celsius">8217;t.  For example, some charge extra for cleaning dishes, but not for putting dishes in a dishwasher.  Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping are standard responsibilities for a housekeeper.  Cleaning tubs, showers, bathroom counters and mirrors are also usually included in the cost.

For an additional charge, you can add on just about anything you want to:  washing windows, TV screens, cleaning blinds, dusting baseboards, watering plants, folding laundry and changing sheets. Prices vary depending on the types of services done, the size of your house and how often you have a housekeeper come out.  Most domestic cleaning companies require payment at the time of services in the form of cash or check.

You can have a housekeeper come while you are home or while you are away.  Homeowners often leave a key with a housekeeper or under the mat, when hiring a company, since the housekeeper may change from week to week.  Housekeepers should bring their own supplies and you have the option of choosing eco-friendly products or more mainstream products.

Domestic cleaning service is a great idea for families that are busy and have the extra income to pay for it.

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